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About Steinberg & Baum

Steinberg & Baum is an idea-driven Miami based creative construction and design agency with roots in Europe. Our principals bring together the precision discipline of German engineering and design. Clients appreciate our dedication to their work and our flawless strategy-driven creative.

Steinberg & Baum, expressing new ways of thinking by creating ideas for restaurants, bars, retail, event design, and trade show experiences.


Work hard, play hard. That’s the mantra under which SB set out to think and grow. Since 2001, the SB team has kept up this promise and strives every day to elevate and improve your brand. We are on time and deliver the job for you. You hire us to make an impact because impacts are what we make. Honesty and integrity is boldly enforced here. Creativity is what drives us, and together we grow stronger, one client at a time.

About Us

Being borne on the beach, SB is a blender that pours out smoothies mixed with style, sophistication, and swimsuits. A little sand between the toes as we outfit your brand with a tux. European actors top tropical designs, with ideas and concepts bathed in a multi-cultural marinade. We take you and make you better than you thought you could be. Creating brands that last, giving well-tanned legs to campaigns and making what you are saying matter to all those who hear it. SB, as a child of Miami, knows it is all about keeping your brand in season.

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