Steinberg & Baum services the international fashion brand Louis Vuitton from 2013-2016. SB undertook a massive full-service installation project in the entire South Florida area installing the entire window displays for Louis Vuitton.

On this site, we were handling the installation of the entire lookbook for each window and each store. The stores varied between regular and focused installs. Focus stores were larger projects where Steinberg & Baum deploys larger teams to meet the clients demand of either a one night or two night installs.

Louis Vuitton approached Steinberg & Baum and asked us to install their large windows, backwalls, floors, display lighting, niches, and window lights. Steinberg & Baum also installed cables and visual components if the lookbook required it.

The project was completed on time and within budget with the windows meticulous setup, matching the fashion look going with the season.

A project gallery is above showing the end result.

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